Is Motion Graphics Helpful for Business Promotions?

Motion Graphic Design

With the abundance of data, getting your company’s message out has become considerably more difficult. While there are many fantastic animations on social media, applications and web-based platforms have considerably less creative motion. As a stakeholder, you should consider introducing excellent motion design from the start. Animations may be utilised to express whatever point you desire and can quickly break through overproduced content.

What Is Motion Graphics?

In simple terms, 3D motion graphics blends animation and graphic design as a powerful storytelling tool. Animation design is more memorable for viewers than static photos because it uses not just simple visual elements like text, forms, or images but also engages audio receptors to transmit concepts.

Cool motion graphics animation for brand apps and web platforms works because it can display complicated images, thoughts, concepts, and a lot of data in a short, simple, and visually appealing film. As a result, it aids in the rapid transmission of a message by easily grabbing and holding the attention of the spectator. Business, marketing, IT solutions, the motion picture industry, education, healthcare, social networks, and entertainment all benefit from great animation design.

Benefits of Applying Animation Design

Hiring a 3D motion graphics designer and using animation design to raise brand awareness, increase people’s curiosity about what you’re doing and why, cause the desire to buy apps, products, or services, and prompt people to take action are all benefits of hiring a 3D motion graphics designer and using animation design. Promo items, online commercials, tutorials, title trailers, news teasers, web and mobile devices, business presentations, and any other creative ideas can all be employed using videos. Let’s take it one by one:

Advantages of cool motion graphics include:

  1. It saves both money and time. Creating eye-catching motion films takes considerably less time, money, and effort with superb animation design.
  2. It improves brand awareness. When complicated images, ideas, and statistics are presented in simple words and in an interesting manner, viewers may readily absorb them. When people watch a video, they recall 95% of the message, compared to 10% when they read a text.
  3. It allows users to post brand material on social media. Social video is shared 1200 percent more than text and static images combined. Daily views on Facebook videos are estimated to be around 8 billion.
  4. It encourages users to discuss and comment on the content. More sponsored video is desired by 85 percent of consumers. As a wonderful communication channel, real-time feedback allows you to figure out what should be changed and updated in your app, product, or services.
  5. It enables an app or a web-based platform to rank well in Google search results. A website with motion is 53 times more likely to appear on Google’s first page.
  6. It boosts sales by providing a higher return on investment (ROI). Animated content increases traffic by 300 percent, resulting in more leads.

How to Use Animation Design Effectively?

Determine what business objectives you want to achieve and for how long before using animation design. Before implementing animation concepts, consider the following:

  1. What is my target market? What are the values and pain issues of my clients? What problems can my product solve for customers?
  2. What do I want to express in terms of a corporate message or concept? How am I going to accomplish it?
  3. What are the most important points for the audience to remember?
  4. What are the business goals I wish to achieve?
  5. What are the advantages of using animation design?

After you’ve answered all of the questions, select the appropriate video format to effectively convey your main theme. Let’s take a closer look at the most important ones.

Animated storytelling : allows you to convey people about your brand vision by emphasising the most important factors, points, and ideas.

A promotional video : when done wisely and effectively, outperforms traditional company advertisements. It lasts somewhere between 30 and 60 seconds. To instantly captivate viewers and highlight your app or web platform strengths and benefits, you must closely adhere to the duration requirements.

Educational videos : your brand demonstrates to customers how to solve problems using your product or other resources. Each animated film includes a detailed step-by-step tutorial. A promotional film is shorter than an instructive video. The aim is that it gives viewers a whole different experience.

An explainer video : on the other hand, is the greatest option if you want to expose key information about your product or service in a simple and engaging manner. This type of animated short film produces visually appealing in-app or website content, winning viewers’ loyalty and trust.

A testimonial video : can help you create trust with your customers before they decide whether or not to buy your product. The more natural and straightforward your customer’s pleasant experience working with you is, the more credible it will be.

It can be tough to explain a complicated product or service in simple terms. This is where a live-action video comes into play. It will show, rather than tell, how your product or service works, what features it has, and what benefits your clients will get from utilising it.

So Why Does Your Business Need Great Motion Design?

Between overproduced videos, trends, and simply static information, cool animation design proved to be the golden mean. It efficiently conveys your message if done correctly with the perfect usage of visual and auditory effects. It’s simple: the more people watch, read, and interact with your material, the more trust they have in your company, product, or services. As a result, you become a trusted counsel that people want to follow rather than a firm trying to sell them a product. As a result, selecting the proper motion graphics agency to assist you in developing an intriguing and innovative design is critical.

Here at Dezpad we have everything you need to create the perfect Motion Design for your business. Contact Us for further enquiries.

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