Recall These 5 Steps to Make Better Videos

Motion design, often known as 3D motion graphic is a type of animation that simulates motion or rotation. Consider some of the most recent adverts you’ve seen on Instagram—chances are they have some type of layout in motion. Movement photographs come in a variety of shapes and sizes, from moving text bubbles to animated people strolling through a scene.

Step 1 : Process is Key in Motion Graphics

A good process is essential for every motion design project. Isn’t it just a matter of following the formula? If there is a trial, people will combat it with torches and rakes for whatever reason. This is due to a variety of factors. It’s sometimes far easier to skip a few steps on the way to success. You have a limited content budget and don’t want to waste time on brainstorming, mood boards, research, storyboards, and other activities. It’s a Pixar-exclusive perk! You want to see things happen in real time and get rewards.

Step 2 : Design it, Don’t Be Lazy Now

Do not skip the static design steps and proceed to the animation phase as directed. As a 3D motion graphic designer, you should always provide room for static design to experiment. When graphic design and movement are combined, one of the steps takes a back seat and is frequently incorporated into the visual design. Design and motion are both excellent, and if you give them the time they need to shine, you’ll have something genuinely polished.

Having two positions on your project is something to think about:

  • Have a designer for your design
  • Have an animator for your animation

Sounds straightforward. You can get designers and animators folded into one neat package, but I’ve found that even if they can do both, they’ll prefer to design or animation. (Of course, there are exceptions.) The process is likewise separated for this reason; it allows this “one magical unicorn” to focus on design and animation independently.

Step 3 : Make it Short. No, Even Shorter!

Short videos aid in the management of a busy life, short attention spans, and the desire to ingest content fast and conveniently. Because most users read content on their mobile devices while on the go, the shorter the content, the better. You can be interfering with your audience’s browsing if you’re a social media brand. You interact with friends, family, and entertainment, with branded video completing the circle. Keep it short, sweet, and useful, then move on.

These simple animation designs demonstrate that if your motion design is strong enough, you can:

  1. Brief and to-the-point
  2. Minimal movement is possible.
  3. It can be used to draw attention to a few key points.

Just enough movement to catch someone’s eye when scrolling through social media or walking past an outdoor digital display ad.

Step 4: It’s Time—Craft That Animation

Now that we’ve discussed following the process, focusing on design, and keeping it short, we can devote all of our effort to making the animation look as nice as possible. Isn’t it supposed to be quick because it’s short?

The amount of time it takes to do good motion work is sometimes underestimated. It takes a significant amount of time and effort. It can take hours to bounce a ball. It may appear simple at first, but once you start moving keys around and animating, hours can quickly pass. Give your animator the room he or she needs to work.

The best present you can offer an animator is the gift of time. From the 12 laws of motion through rendering, the animator has a lot to think about (and money, remember to pay them). Of course, keep track of your progress. Set reasonable deadlines that everyone on the team can live with.

Step 5: Do it Better Next Time

A process can be crafted in the same way that an animation is. The first, second, or third time is frequently difficult. Make sure to apply what you’ve learned so that it becomes easier over time. Don’t try to cram a new difficulty into an old workflow. Improvise, adapt, and triumph. You may always employ a Motion graphics company to assist you in developing an exciting and unique motion graphic video.

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