What Does a Full Service Video Production Company in Malaysia Offer?

A full-service video production company in Malaysia can meet all of your video production needs. The best video production companies will provide a variety of video production services, internal capabilities, and a global talent network to help you shape a video production brief, no matter how developed it is, into an end video product that meets your business needs.

Video production company or videographer?

A video production company is a business that is legally authorised to provide video production services. It will be led by a creative video director who will have established a global network of trusted talent and video producers, including voiceover artists, scriptwriters, editors, and camera operators, allowing them to take on video work of any shape or size and manage multiple projects at once.

A video production company will charge for an end product, assembling and costing all of the talent and time required to complete your video production brief within the timeframe you specify.

A videographer by distinction is an independent specialist who works in a specific field of expertise. They will work on a freelance basis, with clients paying for their time in the form of their advertised day rate. Because they specialise in one aspect of the video production process, such as filming or editing, you are hiring them to complete that portion of your project rather than delivering an end product from concept to final delivery.

What Services Does a Full Service Video Production Company Offer?

Research and Insights

After receiving your video production brief, the best video production companies will begin researching your industry, your business, your competitors, and your specific department to comprehend the landscape and circumstances in which the video content requested will sit.

Creative Video Treatments

The video production company will take your brief and your single core message and brainstorm creative ways to best tell the story in a brief 2-3 minute video.

They will curate a collection of different videos for you to review and provide feedback on elements such as music, animation, style, pace, and story. If you’ve discovered any types of videos that you particularly enjoy, show them to your video production company so they can provide you with a quote for achieving a similar result.

A unique videographer will take your concept and film shots that deliver on your vision and storyboard.

Project Management

When you hire a video production company to create your corporate video, you are essentially hiring a team that will relieve you of the stress of project management and production. You won’t need to hire camera operators, sound engineers, editors, or animators. You will not need to plan the day’s production schedule or coordinate call times for on-screen talent.

You will not need to prepare interview questions ahead of time, write a video script, or even be in charge of asking questions on the day of filming. The video production company will handle everything, and the producer they assign to work with you will project manage your video campaign from concept to final delivery.


Depending on the type of video you want to create, you may decide that a script is required. Writing a video script for a short 60-second video, on the other hand, is very different from writing content for a sales tool kit. It takes skill and message clarity.

It’s all about conveying your unique core message in the most engaging way possible with corporate video. This implies that less is always more. When spoken, a 60-second video script will contain approximately 140-150 words, so you must ensure that the clog is removed.

A video production company can either write you a script from scratch or work on a consultancy basis, editing and tweaking your pre-written script.

Voiceover Sourcing

Voiceover artists contact the top video production companies in the UK on a daily basis, so they will have a library of voices for you to choose from if you require this service. You must be clear on the qualities you want to hear, such as gender of voice, country of origin, a specific dialect, and tone of voice, in order for the video agency to provide you with a curated list of voices to choose from.

Once you’ve decided on a voice, the video production company will work with the artist to record your script, which must be finalised before the editing or animation production process begins.

Music Library

Sadly, you cannot include a commercial music track in your corporate video and market it on social media. Music is protected under copyright law and therefore must be accredited before it can be used in your corporate video.

The best video production companies in London will pay annual subscription fees for commercial-free music tracks and send you a selection from which to choose.


A video production company will hire a variety of editors, the main two of which will be a junior editor and a senior editor. The creative director will choose which one to edit your corporate video production based on your video production budget and end vision. A junior editor will work on short social media videos, whereas a senior editor will work on larger brand building projects that require highly polished and professional video campaigns.

Animation, Motion Graphics & Colour Grading

Full-service video production companies will provide animation, motion graphics, and colour grading to enhance and bring your video to life with the energy of movement and colour. So, whether you want a fully animated explainer video or just simple text animation to amplify key messages, these elements will assist in polishing your final end video.

Video production company or videographer – which one is best for you?

The answer is determined by your video production budget and in-house resources. If you have a strong marketing team with access to content marketers, designers, and editors who can assist you in writing your script and formulating your concept, you may only need a videographer to shoot your film and provide you with raw footage from which to create in-house videos. Even if you have in-house resources, creating and editing a corporate video is a time-consuming process that you may prefer to outsource to a corporate video production agency to project manage for you, saving you time and headaches.

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