10 Types of Motion Graphics You Can Create with Dezpad Designs

Motion Graphics

Did you know that 46% of consumers say they have placed purchases as a result of watching a brand video? In recent times, the motion graphics wave has gone from marketing trend to industry standard. The average consumer now expects to see more than just static imagery when it comes to branded content.

Besides the fact that it is not just consumer preference, multimedia content can be the difference between someone scrolling past your newest post or engaging with and put trust to your brand. Motion graphics give life to brands and helps them stand out from other brand competitors using eye-catching animations. Imagine text that moves, website preloaders, or animated graphs.

What are Motion Graphics?

Motion graphics are most simply conveyed as animated graphic design. The animated objects may either be Imagery or text, commonly using 2D vector graphics — as contrary to photorealistic, or 3D, or Computer Generated Imagery (CGI) animation — to communicate effectively. Motion graphics are constantly published using video (.mp4 or .mov) formats, though it’s significant to note that motion graphics are not video editing. If you’re planning to go the DIY route and create your own graphics, read this guide on how to create motion graphics starting from the bottom.

Marketers and social media managers have used static images for years and continue to do so with much achievements. However people’s manner of consumption has evolved rapidly. In today’s World, we know that videos can boost sales for brands across industries.

Take Note: Statistics show that video content is one of the most effective visual marketing tools today.

Here are some quick video statistics:

  • A marketing video can attract up to 300% more traffic and leads.
  • A video on your landing page can boost conversions by 80%.
  • Video-based social media posts generate 48% more views.
  • Emails with video have a 300% higher click rate.

10 Types of Motion Graphics You Can Create With Dezpad Designs

1. Animated-Typography

Animated typography, often known as kinetic typography is a impressive way to add a few seconds of screen time for your brand wordmark or company catchphrase. You can also build an entire demonstrator video using animated typography. In simple terms, animated typography is moving text.

Have you ever sung along to a fun lyric video or watched in awe as a narrator’s words take place onscreen to supplement the audio? Those are animated typography! 

2. Advanced-Animated-Titles 

Advanced title animation and placement over existing video is meant to enhance a message, point to a specific feature or object in the video, or introduce a topic or person with motion titles.

Theoretically, advanced animated titles also fall under the category of animated or kinetic typography, except how you use it is different. We’ve given advanced animated titles a class of their own because of a very special characteristic: the ability to be composited or placed over existing video footage.

To associate this to a static image, advanced title animation is rendered in the video equivalent of a PNG, with transparency preserved so that it can be layered on top of a video or image file.

Advanced animated titles can be used to label certain events, objects, timestamps, and locations while a video plays. You might often see them as lower-third graphics, which is the information in a text tile overlay at the bottom of news reports. They can also be used to highlight statements, like in the example below.

3. Animated-Logos

Animated Logos also called production logos or vanity cards, they use original animation styles and elements to assist tell a brand’s story by putting its logo in motion.

Using elements from your company logo and Brand Profile, Dezpad Design’s Motion Graphic Designer can create dynamic animations that add fascination to your logo sequence.

An animated logo is just as all-round as your static logo — and can carry much more impact. For the time being, the only thing you can’t do with an animated logo is print it. You can use it in video ads, on social media, and in opening or closing sequences of branded videos.

4. Animated-Graphic-Loops

Animated graphic loops are short animations that loop continuously, usually inaudible. They use illustrated, vector, text, or photo elements.

The appeal of an animated graphic loop is in its visual repetition — it’s eye-catching and makes a statement. Whether the entire loop plays in one or 10 seconds, it helps draw the viewer in, encouraging them to emphasize on the image’s various details.

An animated preloader is an example of a graphic loop that is used in user interfaces like apps and websites. As easy as they are, animated preloaders prevent app or website users from getting too bored or agitated while waiting for the next page to load.

However, bigger and more complex graphics like posters and signs can also be transformed into animated graphic loops. These can be displayed on LED screens for events or on storefronts. In the digital sphere, graphic loops can take the place of static images for ads, social media posts, or website hero images.

5. Animated-Explainer-Videos

It can be challenging to communicate a heavy stream of information in a few words or with a single image. When even complex infographics struggle to do the job, and when your brochure starts to look a little overwhelming, it may be time to create an animated explainer video.

A 2D animated explainer tells a comprehensive story of your brand and can be bring into action as a video ad or featured on your landing page. It’s a fun and mesmerizing way to present your whole brand story to curious newcomers and also an opportunity to explain in easy-to-understand visuals what you do and how your business can help prospective viewers.

Animated explainers are among the most complex and multilayered motion graphics Dezpad Designs can help you create. They incorporate music and sound effects along with unique animation styles and custom visuals to communicate your ideas in the most direct but memorable way possible.

6. Product-Animations

Product animations are a type of explainer animation that bring out features of a product or service through both typographic and illustrative elements. The reason they are set apart from explainer videos or UI/UX explainers is because of their primary purpose, for instance, a product animation uses motion graphics to quickly and simply illustrate how a product works.

Short and sweet while offering a comprehensive summary of your product, product animations are a great way to communicate instructions for your product, how it solves a problem, or an individual product’s value propositions.

Using a combination of words and graphics, product animations deliver a bite-sized overview that’s perfect for potential customers. 

7. UI/UX-Animations

UI/UX animations are a type of explainer video. However, they are distinctive in that they take on nearly the exact format of the user interface being explained. This indicate there are very few additional elements aside from what the user can look forward to from the actual app or website.

A UI/UX animation explains a software’s features more clearly than in a simple screen recording using motion graphics techniques. Existing UI elements can be magnified, processes can be slowed down, and there can be smoother transitions between steps.

Written instructions or recorded walkthroughs are fine, but if you really want to stand out from the crowd and wow your audience, give them a visual tour that communicates exactly how they can get results with your software.

Why just tell when you can show and  tell? You can walk your audience through your software experience with an animated user interface presentation.

Dezpad Designs’s Motion Graphics Designer can turn detailed screenshots of your app’s or website’s user interface into an animated step-by-step guide — they can even incorporate any existing voiceover recordings or audio that you have for an optimum experience.

8. Animated-Ads

Animated ads are short videos that focus on specific key points of your business. They add-on full animated explainers, which aim to tell comprehensive brand stories and are capped at 90 seconds. Unlike full explainers, these ads hone in on specific features, timely promos, or other special events.

Animated ads can be used on various social media platforms, like Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, and YouTube. Dezpad Designs’s Motion Graphic designers create and export videos following the demand of your intended online platform.

9. Transparent-Animated-Assets

Transparent animated assets function a bit like still PNG images and they are very close to advanced animated titles. They are rendered with transparency enabled so that you or your video editor can easily put them on top of existing footage. Layering elements, often go into compositing in video work, enable motion graphics designers to create personalized elements you can overlay on any video or image you had earlier.

They are perfect for video intros, outros, and transitions. You can also use them in your “like and subscribe” call-outs or to add “floating” objects to help clarify what you are speaking about in video presentations. Basically, if you want to add something that isn’t an advanced animated title to your videos or images, this is the request you need to fire up your content!

10. TemplateEditing

Existing motion graphics templates can be customized to cater your needs with template editing. You do not have to worry if your animated template is off-brand. We can do the tweaks to make it on-brand for your business.

Personalizing templates like these can still be a sophisticated business, which is why our designers from Motion Graphic agency can take care of them for you.

If you are seeking for a professionally produced motion graphics video, do contact us.

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