5 Benefits of Using Motion Graphics in Videos

Motion Graphics

Is video production part of your company’s marketing strategy? It should, given that 85% of businesses now produce some form of video content. With so many videos available, businesses must find ways to differentiate their content and ensure that their message reaches consumers. More and more businesses are turning to motion graphics designers to accomplish this. To convey a memorable message, motion graphics can combine several different elements such as digital illustrations, text, and animation. These graphics make your videos stand out and leave an impression on those who watch them.

Explain Complex Ideas in a Digestible Format

Humans have a relatively short attention span, which becomes even shorter when advertisements are involved. You may be proud to show off your intricate solution to a consumer’s problem, but it won’t matter if the video fails to capture their attention. With so much content at your fingertips, you must be creative in order to capture the attention of your target audience.

Your ideas are the most important aspect of your marketing, and it is up to you to ensure that consumers understand and are intrigued by them. Rather than lengthy explanations, motion graphics can convey the same message in a more digestible format. Graphics or a short animation can be used to display important statistics or a product demo.

In fact, these kinds of videos are among the most popular types of online marketing content. They are known as “explainer” videos, and they account for nearly half of all online advertising content. The ideal explainer video is colourful, memorable, and no longer than two minutes in length. They’re ideal for conveying a message when live action footage cannot.

Increased Level of Engagement

Motion Graphics

By far the most engaging type of content on Instagram is video content. That is, videos receive more likes, comments, and shares than any other type of content. This kind of reach is critical in marketing, and video with motion graphics is the best way to achieve it. With a simple video, you can easily raise brand awareness, launch a new product marketing campaign, or improve your brand’s reputation.

More importantly, if your content is interesting and appealing, people will share it. Your target audience is effectively marketing for you. Consumers’ engagement with your content can be influenced by motion graphics.

Affords You Creative Liberties

You can make your brand do almost anything with motion graphics. You could have a group of anthropomorphic animals selling car insurance or place your advertisement in a remote location without hiring an animal trainer or purchasing a plane ticket.

This kind of creative freedom is priceless. As you are aware, digital marketing requires a hook that draws a viewer in and keeps them there. Using the silly, crazy, or absurd is a great way to accomplish this. You can also use motion graphics to experiment with different senses. Listening to an expert list all of the benefits of a particular service is a rather two-dimensional experience. However, when motion graphics, sound effects, and animation are added, watching it becomes a much more immersive experience.

Cross-platform Utilization

An explainer video is ideal for the homepage of your website, but it can also be used on many of the most popular social media platforms. This shows how adaptable motion graphic videos can be. These types of videos are highly customizable. You can cut them down to make an Instagram Reel, or you can flesh them out and post them on your company’s YouTube page.

Cross-platform usage isn’t just limited to social media. Promotional videos, sales presentations, events, and marketing campaigns can all benefit from the use of motion graphics. Using motion graphics in a similar style aids in brand recognition and identity development. When all of your content uses the same colour palette, voice-over, and font, your brand becomes much more recognizable.

Great Return on Investment

Today, the majority of internet users prefer video, so give your brand’s videos the punch they need to stand out. With so many other forms of entertainment to compete with, your window for capturing a consumer’s attention is more limited than ever. It doesn’t have to cost a lot of money to get started with motion graphics, and the reach they’ll give your brand makes it worthwhile to invest in them. You’ll need to create original content with a genuine message and use motion graphics to tell your story.

You can and should reuse your graphics across multiple platforms once you’ve created them. They improve the consistency of your marketing message without requiring you to create new content every time.

Motion Graphics Make Your Videos Pop

Simply put, motion graphics should be used in your marketing. With so many businesses getting into video production, motion graphics will help your videos stand out. Some of their advantages include simplifying complex topics, increasing social media engagement, and providing unparalleled creative freedom.

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