5 Types of Motion Graphics You Can Create With Dezpad Designs

Motion Graphics

Are you aware that 46% of consumers have made a purchase after watching a brand video? Motion graphics have progressed from marketing trend to industry standard in recent years. When it comes to branded content, the average consumer now expects to see more than just static imagery.

Not only that, but multimedia content can mean the difference between someone scrolling past your latest post and engaging with and trusting your brand. Using eye-catching animations, motion graphics brings brands to life and helps them stand out from the competition. Consider moving text, website preloaders, or animated graphs.

What is Motion Graphics

The most basic definition of motion graphics is animated graphic design. The animated objects can be text or imagery, and they are typically communicated using 2D vector graphics rather than photorealistic, 3D, or CGI animation. Motion graphics are frequently published in video formats (.mp4 or.mov), but it is important to note that motion graphics are not video editing. To learn more about motion graphics, read this article. If you want to do it yourself and make your own graphics, read this guide on how to make motion graphics from scratch.

Marketers and social media managers have been using static images for years with great success. However, people’s consumption habits have rapidly evolved — we now know that videos can drive sales for brands across industries. This is critical: According to statistics, video content is one of the most effective (if not the most effective) visual marketing tools available today.

Here are some video statistics:

  • A marketing video can increase traffic and leads by up to 300%.
  • A landing page video can increase conversions by 80%.
  • Social media posts with video get 48% more views.
  • Emails with video have a click rate that is 300% higher.

5 Types of Motion Graphics You Can Create With Dezpad Design

#1 Animated Typography

Animated typography (also known as kinetic typography) is a great way to give your brand wordmark or company catchphrase a few seconds of screen time. You can also use animated typography to create an entire explainer video. Simply put, animated typography is text that moves. Have you ever sung along to a catchy lyric video or marvelled as a narrator’s words appeared onscreen to accompany the audio? That’s animated typography!

#2 Advanced Animated Titles

The use of advanced title animation and placement over existing video is intended to enhance a message, point to a specific feature or object in the video, or introduce a topic or person. Technically, advanced animated titles are also classified as animated or kinetic typography, but the way they are used differs. We’ve put advanced animated titles in their own category because of a unique feature: the ability to be composited or placed over existing video footage.

In order to be layered on top of a video or image file, advanced title animation is rendered in the video equivalent of a PNG, with transparency preserved. While a video is playing, advanced animated titles can be used to label specific events, objects, timestamps, and locations. They are frequently seen as lower-third graphics (which is what the information flashed at the bottom of news reports is called). They are also useful for emphasising statements.

#3 Animated Logos

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Animated logos, also known as production logos or vanity cards, use original animation styles and elements to help tell a brand’s story by putting its logo in motion. Most motion graphics studio or motion graphics agency will have in house motion graphic designers that can create dynamic animations that add interest to your logo sequence using elements from your company logo and Brand Profile.

An animated logo is just as versatile as a static logo, but it has far more impact. The only thing an animated logo cannot do is be printed (at least not yet!). It can be used in video advertisements, social media, and as the opening or closing sequences of branded videos.

#4 Animated Graphic Loops

Short animations that loop seamlessly, usually without sound, are known as animated graphic loops. They employ illustrated, vector, textual, or photographic elements. The visual repetition of an animated graphic loop is appealing — it’s eye-catching and makes a statement. Whether the loop lasts one or ten seconds, it draws the viewer in and encourages them to focus on the image’s various details. An animated preloader is a type of graphic loop that can be found in user interfaces such as apps and websites. Animated preloaders, as simple as they are, keep app or website users from becoming bored or antsy while waiting for the next page to load.

However, larger, more complex graphics, such as posters and signs, can also be converted into animated graphic loops. These can be shown on LED screens at events or storefronts. Graphic loops can be used in place of static images in digital ads, social media posts, and website hero images.

#5 Animated Explainer Videos

It can be difficult to convey a large amount of information in a few words or with a single image. When even complex infographics fail to do the job, and your brochure begins to appear cluttered, it may be time to create an animated explainer video.

A 2D animated explainer tells a detailed story about your brand and can be used as a video ad or on your landing page. It’s a fun and compelling way to present your entire brand story to curious newcomers — an opportunity to explain what you do and how your business can help prospective viewers in simple visuals.

Dezpad Design is a motion graphics company that can assist you in creating animated explainers, which are among the most complex and multilayered motion graphics. We use music, sound effects, unique animation styles, and custom visuals to communicate your ideas in the most direct but memorable way possible.

Pro tip: If you have voiceover recordings, our Motion Graphics designers can incorporate them into your project — audio narration can greatly improve the effectiveness of your explainer!

Join Us and be apart of the creative process of creating your very own motion graphics project with our friendly and accommodating motions graphics designers.

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