The Best Motion Graphics Studios you should know about

You may have seen the work of motion graphics designers in Malaysia in advertisements or major motion pictures, but do you know who they are or how they do it? These Motion Graphic Company work really hard to provide you with the fantastic motion graphics effects and animations that you enjoy. Their exceptional inventiveness and imagination enable them to provide excellent services to their consumers and explode the business.


Webdew is a professional video production company that was established in 2016. They provide exceptional services at cheap pricing, which not only raise your brand but also aid in the formation of long-term consumer connections.

It boasts a team of over 50 experts, including motion graphics artists, animators, and managers, who have completed 1000+ Explainer Videos and over 3000+ minutes of production. They make videos from scratch, first consulting with the client.


LAI Video is a prominent video production company that provides exceptional services to its consumers. They have outstanding video editors and scriptwriters who create fascinating stories to capture the attention of visitors. They are capable of bringing about change or making things matter.

What a Story

What a Story is a successful and professional video production company formed in 2020. This company has been providing complete video marketing solutions. Prospects and clients are impressed by their prompt responses and turnaround times.


FEVR is a design-driven studio and animation firm that was launched in 2017. They specialise in 2D and 3D motion graphic and animation. They believe in providing outstanding services and creating satisfied consumers.

Blu Blu

Blu Blu was created in 2014 as a design-driven, award-winning animation production studio. They have high-end designs and great visual storytelling, and they are eager to make modifications and provide the best services at the best pricing.

Video Explainers

Video Explainers is a result-driven, 5-Star rated animated video production agency that has served over 500 businesses. They capture the attention of visitors and retain more consumers by producing entertaining and high-quality movies.

Demo Duck

Demo Duck develops effective movies that humanise your brand, market your product, educate your customers, and much more. Their videos are not only high-quality, but also SEO-friendly. Furthermore, they are astute, imaginative, and provide enticing films.


D-Mak is a well-known video production firm based in Arizona. They specialise in producing real estate films, marketing videos, and live events. This full-service firm generates an emotional video for your target audience.

They excel in the field of understanding clients’ wants and goals in order to provide the best services at the most reasonable pricing.


Kyro Digital is a strategic video production firm known for producing high-quality videos. They have an amazing crew that truly understands your demands and ideals. In brief, they use innovative concepts to create videos that will help you keep your visitors engaged.

Yans Media

Yans Media is a design studio that was established in 2015. They make hand-drawn animated videos that work wonders for promoting your company. The concepts employed in their videos make it easy for the audience to understand the project. They are ranked among the top motion graphics studios due to their high-quality performance.

Studio B Films

Studio B Films is a video production firm that specialises in creating creative and compelling videos. They have a staff of talented designers, writers, editors, filmmakers, and gearheads who will inspire and elicit an emotional response from your audience. They are skilled video creators who use memorable and compelling narrative to attract clients.


Studiotale is a video production firm that was established in 2015. They believe in making videos that are both visually appealing and educational. They specialise in 2D animation videos and commercial films. They offer explainer video services to both startups and existing businesses, with demonstrable outcomes.


TheSparkhouse is well-known for producing branded films and commercials that feature bold storytelling and fascinating innovation. It was started in 2009 and is one of the greatest video production firms in Southern California. Furthermore, their movies provide visitors with something worth stopping for.


Epipheo is a video production company that was started in 2009. This world’s largest explainer video production company provided its clients with over 5,000 animated and live-action videos. They are developing defined video solutions to shorten the process and deliver more targeted videos.


ALCHEMYcreative is a creative video agency known for creating high-quality, engaging content via the use of appealing imagery and dramatic narration.

Their exceptional work, competent crew, and finest support produce an excellent customer experience that entices visitors to begin the dialogue.


The DVI Group is a video production company based in Midtown Atlanta that was started in 1999. In addition to print creative and internet content, they create award-winning videos.

They are well-known for their live-action filming, motion graphics, 2D/3D animation, instructional design, billboard design, static banners, print campaigns, and other services. They have a team of 24 self-motivated, creative, and performance-driven professionals who come up with the greatest ideas to ensure long-term success.

Topline Film Agency

Every video produced by Topline Film Agency is understood. They make eye-catching, captivating, and sharp videos that help viewers understand the content. The fundamental goal of each video is to create leads, enhance website conversions, recruit top talent, dazzle your viewers, or make the notion clear to the viewers.

Indigo Productions

Indigo Productions, founded in 1991, is a world-renowned video production firm. They have a specialised team of professionals who develop captivating visual material for business, entertainment, and commercial endeavours. Their dynamic motion movies valued brands and people, which influenced company sales.

Top Notch Cinema

Top Notch Cinema is a video production firm founded in 2014 in New York. They use videos to help businesses expand their brands and turn prospects into consumers. Their professionals handle everything from scripting to location, casting, filming, editing, voiceover, and distribution.


VeracityColab is a video production company based in Newport Beach, California that makes a variety of videos that are unique, elegantly done, and completely instructive. Their brilliant ideas enable them to convey the product clearly and without difficulty.

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