How Can Motion Graphics Support Your Business Strategy

It is becoming common to use various motion graphics components from the motion graphics company Malaysia in the design of web pages. However, “fashionable” does not imply “easy”: many website owners struggle to understand what motion is and how it differs from standard animated visuals. Meanwhile, the solution is straightforward: motion aids in the achievement of brand objectives. You can attract, keep, entertain, or urge users to perform repeated conversions depending on the format of the dynamic element employed.

What are Motion Graphics

Motion graphics is a modern art direction that involves animating static pictures. When a static image begins to move, it transforms into an animated picture or graphic animation, however, this is not motion design. We’re discussing a “animated” graphic with a specific message.

When we were kids, we were all a little bit of motion graphics designers, drawing a human being in slightly varied stances on each page of a notebook and then swiftly flipping through them. As a result, the figure appeared to move.

As it is actively employed in media, advertising, online gaming, television, film, and education, as well as the construction of websites and apps, motion graphics is rapidly evolving. The end result of motion design is a time-lapse video tale. Even though the film is brief, making it is a time-consuming process. A motion designer should have a wide range of knowledge and skills, including the ability to work as a programmer, screenplay, artist, director, editor, sound designer, and producer.

In terms of specific tasks, a motion graphics designer is the most similar to an animator, frequently collaborating with a web designer. This person uses video editors to animate images, adding details or effects to the frame to mimic on the screen what cannot be captured live with real objects.

The usage of motion graphics in a company’s strategy has numerous advantages over other sorts of material, the most important of which are:

  • Systematization and information transmitting ease. You can simplify the perception of a vast amount of information by explaining difficult ideas, concepts, and data arrays.
  • Message transmission speed. Because advertising and video infographics are typically restricted in time, the brevity and clarity of the message is some of the benefits of using motion graphics.
  • Getting people’s attention. Video is far more popular than text or photographs (for example, YouTube, Instagram, Snapchat, TikTok, and so on). Animation enables for the application of stunning effects. The most important thing is not to go overboard.

So, if a company needs to tell a captivating tale or explain why buyers should choose it over the competition, employ motion graphics. Such technologies enable marketers to communicate with their audiences in the most complete and easy visual language possible.

Motion Graphics Build Brand Perception

One of the constraints of live photography is the inability to represent a brand. Companies with large expenditures can afford celebrity-led advertising campaigns. A brand is generally associated with a certain individual in this situation, and associativity is the driving force for conversions. However, if your budget is limited, you must find less expensive ways to represent the business. After all, how can a customer choose something they’ve never heard of?

The possibilities for putting a brand into digital content are expanded by motion graphics. Music, forms, color, design, and even movement can be used to create an associative sequence.

Motion Graphics Make Boring Information Exciting

According to studies, when audiences enjoy films, brand identification rises by 139%, and buy intent rises by 97%.

What will be more appealing to users: a video of a person explaining a company on camera, or an entertaining story that makes use of a variety of motion design features? With the correct presentation, even the most dry technical essay can become an entertaining piece of material. Even in B2B sectors, emotional marketing has a favorable impact on consumer decision-making. In contrast to textual content, where concentration is considerably lowered when reading, motion graphics can assist in holding an audience’s attention and alter their emotional background. Obviously, a 1,000-word blog post will not be as effective as an animated video.

How Motion Graphics Help You Stand out From the Crowd

Any brand may demonstrate its distinctiveness thanks to motion graphics. This is due to the fact that this content may comprise multiple techniques at once, such as:

  • Seamless transitions are one of the most popular techniques in motion graphics. Although this technique is not new, its popularity has skyrocketed in recent years. The core of these clips is that they lack a beginning, an end, and mounting glues. All of this contributes to a smooth transition from one scene to the next. This technique is not popular since it substantially complicates the process of making animation. However, few would argue that it adds a sense of completion to the motion video.
  • The use of kinetic typography. It goes without saying that typography can make or break a project. Typography is animated text that moves. Words are the primary elements in typography. It has recently become more popular among motion designers. It is crucial in marketing since it informs consumers about the benefits of a brand or product, the introduction of a new product on the market, and so on.
  • Photorealism. This stylish version features images that are so well-made and buried inside that they are not visible. Photorealism necessitates extensive planning. Multidimensional shooting is occasionally used to capture more data by filming the same scene from several angles.
  • 2D + 3D. Recent motion pictures combine three-dimensional and flat ones thanks to 2D and 3D animation. This enables for the most innovative and effective means of conveying various themes and thoughts. Three-dimensional items are frequently put in two-dimensional space, producing sophisticated and appealing animation effects.
  • Unrealistic vision. There are no hard and fast rules about how the end product should look. The glitch, which appears to be a mistake, is actually part of the stylistics. The main distinction in this perspective is that no one pretends that the models engraved there are real.
  • Videos from the past. Retro fashion has returned in recent years, with costume and interior design, synth-pop music, films with an 80’s aesthetic, and so on. This wave features a swept motion design as well. Colorful psychedelic videos from that era are giving the globe a second chance at youth.

It’s best not to add them all at once. Otherwise, this article will be overburdened with data. Companies who have never used motion graphics previously but are ready to employ it now should consult professionals to avoid this.

Motion Graphics Increase Retention and Engagement

65% of viewers watch practically the entire video, which text information does not have. So, if you need to get a message across to your customers, films and motion graphics can help. Furthermore, people are ten times more likely than text or photographs to share films that impress them.

Video has evolved into a medium capable of increasing user engagement, and motion graphics are no exception. Facebook videos, for example, have a 135% larger organic reach than comparable photographs.

Big Returns on Small Investments

Motion graphics transform complex data into stories and ideas that people can comprehend and implement more quickly. Watching videos, on the other hand, is termed passive content consumption because it needs no effort on the part of the consumer. A viewer can rest and enjoy a show instead of doing active brain activity (reading, thinking, extracting the vital and necessary parts).

Universal Content for Sharing

Consumption of content is trending away from PCs and laptops and toward mobile devices. In fact, more than half of all consumers watch videos on their smartphones or tablets. The benefit of motion graphics is that it can be played on any device. As a consequence, you receive a versatile solution with numerous alternatives for increasing visitors.

Why Your Business Strategy Needs Motion Graphics

Because of the complexity of their manufacturing, motion graphics were not widely used in the past. It is now utilized everywhere material is created:

  • The film and television industries. Screen savers, titles, subtitles, and program design all make use of motion graphics.
  • Social media. Vibrant videos increase traffic and encourage customers to subscribe or purchase a product. According to studies, more than 40% of social media users buy after watching brand videos.
  • Business. It’s all about short videos on TV and the Internet. Motion graphics aid in the creation of distinctive videos that draw attention to the product.
  • Education. Motion graphics are used to explain difficult concepts in simple terms. Images assist our brains in better-absorbing information.
  • Presentations. Voiceover or other effects can be added to animated slides. Motion graphics are an excellent approach to introducing new items or services.

So, regardless of the industry in which a brand operates, it should experiment with 3D motion graphic services. Overall, it will benefit any firm, especially if the material is prepared correctly.

The Production Behind Motion Graphics

Motion graphics content is developed in stages by the motion graphics agency. The following steps are included in its pre-production:

  1. Motion graphics designers provide businesses with a variety of problem-solving options. They research the industry and the product to come up with solutions that balance time, creativity, budget, and outcomes. They discuss them and defend their advantages, adding conceptual analogies to each and demonstrating the concept itself.
  2. A script for the director is written. The director’s screenplay is written in the specified time frame based on the chosen topic, and it includes speaker text and graphics. They also indicate the timing of each scene in order to comprehend the flow of the reel.
  3. Storyboard. Sketches of scene illustrations for a better grasp of the script’s visual movement, object placement, transitions, and so on. Depending on the objective, we may draw one or multiple still frames based on the story – one main graphic from the script demonstrating the overall style of the commercial.
  4. The concept development time span ranges from one to two weeks. The end result is well-thought-out and takes into account all of the complexities of creating a video. Because of these, you can precisely predict the project’s timeline and budget.

The next stage is production which includes:

  1. Illustrations. Graphic designers make the final illustrations, arrange them, and prepare them for further animation based on the completed storyboard.
  2. Recording of the storyteller. The most suitable narrators are chosen for the role of writing down the announcer’s text on the scenario.
  3. Music. Under the recording voice of the speaker, 23 variants of music are chosen, and creators bring them all together to decide which one to utilize in the material.
  4. Animation. Animation scenes, characters, and objects are created by graphic designers.
  5. Sounds. The final stage in editing a clip is to add sounds to it. Sounds account for 50% of a video’s perception. The use of sounds adds depth and realism to the video.

As a result, a corporation obtains a finished video that solves the viewer’s initial problem.


Overall, the relatively new field of motion graphics is fast-capturing the digital market. The process of generating such advertising is hard, but it is worthwhile if the fundamental elements of visual thinking and compatibility, relevancy, emotional coloring, and simplicity of replication and perception are followed. It is preferable to collaborate on motion graphics videos with specialists to make the process smoother and minimize excessive costs.

Motion design is a rapidly growing industry that deserves to be taken seriously. Motion design will become a vital assistant for your organization and enable its speedy growth with the right technique, which Motion Graphics Studio can supply.

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