10 decorative accessories that we always see in every graphic design agency

Many of the items mentioned below might evoke nostalgic memories, especially for those who have visited IKEA to furnish their initial office spaces. Some of these pieces may have endured multiple moves, serving as steadfast companions as you expanded your business and team. To provide additional inspiration, we’ve included insights from real-life studios within our creative community. Enjoy the journey down memory lane!

1. The IKEA bookshelf

Every design studio needs IKEA’s iconic white shelving system, now known as KALLAX. It’s not only affordable and dependable but also versatile, serving as a room divider, sideboard, bookshelf, vinyl storage, or even a display for prestigious awards like the D&AD Pencil. This hardworking piece of furniture is a staple in many studios, and when it comes to color, white is the undisputed choice in the design industry.

2. The motivational typographic print

While certain studios may choose alternative typographic expressions, Anthony Burrill’s iconic mantra “Work Hard & Be Nice To People” has emerged as a studio mainstay for a significant portion of the industry in the past decade. Burrill, a graphic artist renowned for his impactful yet uncomplicated statements and passion for print, has garnered widespread admiration within the design community. For additional office wall choices, consider the works of graphic artist Sarah Boris, the “type twister” and designer Dani Molyneux, and Veronica Fuerte from Hey.

3. The classic Anglepoise desk lamp

A lamp, whether in a quiet corner or a well-lit desk, is a must-have for any discerning graphic designer. The Anglepoise desk lamp, on the other hand, is a timeless classic that creatives continue to use today. Who can resist the ageless appeal of this British-made product? Especially when there are so many tempting choices.

4. Toys and playful design ornaments

Certainly, expressing our creativity is a common desire, and our workspaces often serve as a canvas for showcasing our interests. Vinyl toys, including nostalgic ones like Transformers, are frequently featured in studios, blending personal expression with practicality due to limited space. The timeless Smiley lamp, serving both as a toy and a functional object, is a favorite, while some opt for a more sophisticated touch with typographic ornaments such as ampersands. If you’re looking to enhance your office decor, Etsy offers attractive options to explore.

5. A Swiss Cheese plant

In design agencies globally, common greenery choices like cacti, prayer plants, peace lilies, and string of hearts abound, but the Swiss Cheese plant always manages to stand out. Designers seem drawn to its humble charm, whether it’s the distinctive foliage or the air-purifying qualities it possesses. This particular plant holds a special place in the industry’s heart. Beard & Daisies offer a noteworthy Swiss Cheese plant option and, as a gesture of solidarity with Ukraine, pledges to donate £1 for each sale of this plant to Choose Love, a charity dedicated to providing essential aid to those compelled to flee their homeland.

6. Habitat Flap Clock

Regrettably, the timeless flip clock, once available on the Habitat website, is no longer up for purchase. However, a solid alternative can be found at the well-regarded design studio Present & Correct, a favorite among industry professionals in the UK. A notable option is their Flip Clock/Calendar, priced at £195. Manufactured by a small Hong Kong company since 1968, this classic piece is offered in yellow, black, or grey, making it a cherished choice for enthusiasts.

7. A miniature fridge

A compact refrigerator is a must-have in any design studio, serving the dual purpose of keeping beverages chilled, storing office milk, and preventing chocolate from melting in the summer heat. The perennial favorite in this category is the consistently popular Marshall Fridge, a truly fantastic choice that has become an icon in the creative industry, often associated with the cool and stylish crowd.

8. The Collection Book by G . F Smith

While significant reference books like Richard Hollis’s “Swiss Graphic Design,” Unit Edition’s “Total Design 63-73,” and Paula Scher’s “Twenty-Five Years at the Public” hold their importance, there’s a universally cherished booklet among them—the G. F Smith’s “The Collection Book.” This booklet encompasses every paper, weight, and embossing available across its four main collections, ranging from Colorplan to Fine. While undeniably useful, it goes beyond mere practicality and often serves more as a decorative item than an indispensable guide, solidifying its place in the professional lives of those in the design industry.

9. Corkboards, pegboards and panels

For creatives, finding inspiration is crucial, and being immersed in art and design is essential. The IKEA SKADIS provides a solution that caters to these needs. It comes in white, and you can choose to have a single board or combine several to create a larger version. With additional accessories like hooks and small shelves, you can efficiently organize your belongings. What makes a wall board particularly beneficial is the flexibility it offers – you can rearrange items whenever the spark of inspiration hits you.

10. Desk storage for pens and pencils

In the quest to maintain a clean and organized workspace amidst the abundance of gadgets, tools, and stationery, suitable storage solutions become imperative. However, the preference isn’t just for any ordinary box, folder, or basket – it has to exude style. This is where Hay, the esteemed Danish design company, steps in. Their color crates and versatile storage round containers are particularly admired, contributing to the aesthetic appeal of studios worldwide.. For those in need of additional storage, the Boby Trolley is a top-notch choice, conveniently kept under or beside your desk for easy access.

To conclude

And that concludes the list: the ten decor and furniture items that consistently grace design studios across various locations. While we haven’t included other noteworthy contenders like the beloved studio dog or the indispensable gumball machine, and we’ve omitted the quirky sight of a fixie bike hanging on a wall, it’s worth noting a recent project by Ben The Illustrator. In this endeavor, he polled creative friends on Twitter about their dream workspaces, and the outcomes surprisingly align with our essential breakdown. For added inspiration, we’ll showcase his resulting illustration right here.

Amidst the traditional design studio elements, a wave of modernity is sweeping through creative workspaces, particularly in the realm of motion design. Motion graphics agency are elevating the visual landscape, and 3D motion graphic designer play a pivotal role in shaping this evolution. These skilled professionals bring a dynamic flair to storytelling, seamlessly merging classic design elements with cutting-edge technology.

In the tapestry of design studios, where IKEA bookshelves and motivational typographic prints coexist, there’s a new dimension introduced by motion design agency. The versatile use of classic furniture like the iconic Anglepoise desk lamp complements the vibrant and dynamic atmosphere fostered by motion graphics. Studios are embracing the synergy between timeless aesthetics and the contemporary allure of 3D motion graphics.

Just as the Swiss Cheese plant and the Marshall Fridge have become staples, motion design agencies are carving their own niche, infusing projects with captivating visuals. The collaborative spirit of the creative community is evident, with studios seamlessly incorporating both classic and avant-garde elements to create narratives that transcend the conventional. In this ever-evolving design landscape, the integration of motion design adds a layer of dynamism that resonates with the ethos of creative expression.

Contact us to discover how our design studio seamlessly integrates classic aesthetics with cutting-edge motion graphics.

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