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Transforming Dreams Into Reality.

Our attention on details has built a reputation for approaching projects in a considered and collaborative way. We offer a full interior design service, from concept through to completion, delivering professional well-documented solutions that exceed expectations and add value to projects. Our attention to detail is evident through the entire design and execution process.


This Is What We Do.

3D Motion Graphic

2D / 3D video with music that captivates your audience!


3D/2D Animation

Animation videos for branding, animations and more!


3D Animated Models

Modelling For Products, Mascots, Illustration and others.


Interior Design

2D Layouts & 3D Perspective Drawings.

3D Motion Graphic

Brand Your Dreams!

2D / 3D Motion Graphic Video & Production

Dezpad professional designers are changing the game with our modern motion graphic videos. Forget the boring introduction videos for your business and products. Let our team build you a video that best represents your business without speaking a word!

3D/2D Animation

From Sketch To Reality!

 2D / 3D Animation Video Production & Editing

Dezpad’s professional designers are specialists when it comes to bringing pencil sketches or conceptual ideas into REALITY! Dezpad has helped many companies and business owners bring their ideas from sketches/concepts into REALITY! Projects involved includes New Product Animation, Mascots, Character Designs and MORE!

3D Animated Models

Bringing Dreams To Reality!

2D Technical Drawing & 3D Modelling!

Dezpad’s team of creative designers will provide you with the full consultation to ensure your vision is documented on paper. Once documentation is complete, let our team of designers to bring your vision to life for 2D Drawing & 3D Modelling! This includes PRODUCT PROTOTYPES, MASCOTS, ANIMATED CHARACTERS, BRANDING DESIGNS and MORE!

Interior Designs

Let Us Design Your Dreams To Perfection.

2D / 3D Space Planning, Perspectives & Renderings

Dezpad consist of a team of experienced and creative designers that can assist  you in designing your dream space for ROOMS, HOUSES, RETAIL SHOPS, SHOPPING MALLS, EVENTS and MORE! Drawings can be in different angles, settings, environments and more! Just give us your dreams and we can design it to REALITY!


They love us.

Great Service! Free Consultation...Would definitely recomend to my friends!

Jacky Chee

Finished my project on time and was quite helpful and knowledgable.

Kyle Mak

Had my 3D drawings drawn by Dezpad, very professional!

Kevin Chan

Helped me plan and build my dream home!

Monica Low


Let's Start New Project.

Now, as you were able to get a picture of who we are, it is up to you to contact us and lay the foundation for a new and successful business relationship. Our team consists

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