Types of Motion Graphics Businesses Can Incorporate

With the recent rise in short-form video content across all social media platforms, moving businesses forward through video content can be a terrific method to catch the attention of your customers!

That being said, the plethora of videos on the internet may increase the likelihood of your potential customers scrolling by or missing out on your material. To avoid this and stand out from the throng, it is critical to focus on high-quality, compelling video content. Your company can achieve this by utilising motion graphic agency and their motion graphic designers. Let us go over the different forms of motion graphics and why they may be important to expand your business with 3D motion graphic.

What Is Motion Graphics?

Motion graphics is a type of animation in which shapes, objects, or text play a prominent role. It provides the sense of motion or rotation by animating and moving pictures that are normally static, usually without following a set storyline. They would occasionally use audio or music to improve the viewing experience. A few seconds of motion graphics can explain and transmit a large and abstract tale or idea to a wide variety of people.

#1 Product Animations

In this day and age, most of us would prefer watch a product video than seek for information on a website. This style of animated graphic would be ideal for organisations that need to launch a new product, give instructions, or showcase specific product features and designs.

This form of motion graphics is beneficial to organisations because it may capture the attention of present and future customers by delivering a complex process or scenario in a bite-sized summary utilising a combination of words, images, and voiceovers.

#2 User-Interface (UI) Animations

If you want to promote the best features of your app or digital platform, using motion graphics is a brilliant and effective approach to do so. Sure, you may argue that the functionalities of a software can be explained in a simple screen recording. Moving graphics, like as transitions or graphic cues, might, on the other hand, magnify existing UI elements and clarify operations. This results in more seamless transitions between steps.

#3 Logo Animations

This sort of motion graphics, often known as vanity cards, uses unique and dynamic animation styles to animate logos for your company. “Why should I animate my business’s logo when a static one works just fine?” we hear you ask.

Imagine how much a moving image can convey if a static image is worth a thousand words. You may use this to tell your brand’s story and embody it as your visual identity. Storytelling has the ability to increase brand identification, resulting in increased conversions and a devoted consumer base. You may use it into video commercials, social media postings, website hero photos, and even the opening and closing sequences of your branded videos!

#4 Animated Infographics

Don’t we all adore and crave information? Static infographics are a clever approach to let people get a lot of information in a short amount of time. The disadvantage of this is that certain infographics might be complex, making it harder to catch the attention of the viewer.

As demonstrated in the video below, infographics augmented with visual aids help viewers focus on data while directing them on which information to read first. As a result, the data becomes more engaging, and your customers take in as much information as they can. The enjoyable and easy-to-digest nature of animated infographics will help your business break down content into many segments, increasing social media engagement.

#5 Presentations

This is a less well-known application of motion graphics, yet it is nonetheless incredibly beneficial to organisations and businesses. Simply adding an appealing animated title card embellished with on-brand hues may liven up the dullest of presentations. You may now amaze investors, clients, and vendors by attracting their attention and conveying your message! Our only suggestion is to use the animated slide transitions, texts, and so on subtly so that they do not overshadow your presentations.

Are you intrigued by the possibilities that motion graphics can open up for your company? You may now select your chosen type of motion graphics and combine it with the top 2023 motion graphics trends. Consider partnering with a professional motion graphics business or visual effects studio to take your brand to the next level!

Dezpad is a motion graphic company that has a team of professionals that are ever ready to help boost your business.

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