My 3D figure—the ultimate 3D Picture

In the realm of visual storytelling, the evolution of technology has granted us access to mesmerizing dimensions of creativity. Among these advancements, 3D pictures, including Google 3D picture, stand as a testament to the fusion of innovation and imagination. Imagine stepping into a world where static images transcend their two-dimensional confines, breathing life into scenes and narratives with animated 3D pictures.

At here, we’re revolutionizing the concept of self-portraits by providing customized 3D figurines of individuals, complete with the option to include their own facial features in vibrant color on a range of items such as action figures and bobbleheads. Dubbed as the ultimate 3D selfie, this service is perfect for those envisioning themselves as miniature superheroes. Our innovative method eliminates the need for intricate 3D scans, requiring only a simple set of 2D images to render your figurine, ensuring a hassle-free process right from the comfort of your home.

Beyond personal figurines, we also specialize in crafting 3D-printed miniatures tailored for tabletop role-playing games, allowing individuals to incorporate their own likeness into the gaming experience. Whether it involves crafting detailed replicas of individuals, their loved ones, or even beloved pets, we’re dedicated to democratizing and personalizing the realm of 3D printing.

The cost of a 3D figurine may vary depending on factors such as size, design intricacy, and material selection. Continuously integrating cutting-edge AI and advanced 3D printing techniques into our operations, we aim to enhance quality while simultaneously keeping prices competitive by streamlining our processes.

3D print figure of oneself

We specialize not only in our 3D Print Business service and 3D prototyping but also in creating custom miniatures for tabletop role-playing games. Additionally, we offer the unique service of printing 3D figures of individuals, bobbleheads, or action figures featuring their own faces in full color, which we fondly refer to as the ultimate selfie. This offering is ideal for those seeking personalized 3D figurines. While “3D scan person” is a commonly searched phrase on Google for individuals interested in obtaining a 3D figure of themselves, we believe traditional 3D scanning solutions can be cumbersome. As a result, we’ve developed an alternative solution that doesn’t require a 3D scan of the individual, allowing customers to conveniently order 3D prints from the comfort of their own homes. Our collection of 3D figures is inspired by classic action figures like those from Star Wars, providing customers with an opportunity to own their personalized 3D print figures. Whether you’re interested in a 3D-printed figure of yourself, a beloved pet, or a special someone, we invite you to explore our offerings further.

3D print myself – a 3D printed mini me

Have you ever thought about obtaining a personalized 3D miniature replica of yourself, your family members, or even your children? But why stop there? You can also have a 3D model created of your family’s beloved pets, whether it’s a dog, cat, or hamster. In Danish, we affectionately refer to these as “mini me” or “mini myself.” While lithophane technology can bring 2D images to life as 3D models, using the appropriate resin and filaments can capture intricate details like shoelaces, lipstick, or eyelashes on your personalized 3D figurine.

Whether you desire a 3D replica of a human or an animal, you’re encouraged to explore our ordering options or learn more through our blog. Discover how we tackled the challenge when Netflix approached us to create custom 3D action figures featuring the faces of TikTok influencers.

How much does a 3D figure of myself cost?

The cost of a 3D-printed action figure starts at €135, but pricing can vary depending on several factors. Figure size is a key determinant, as larger figures require more material and printing time, leading to higher costs. The complexity of the design also influences pricing, with intricate patterns or movable parts requiring more advanced work and potentially increasing the price. Additionally, the choice between single-color or multi-color printing impacts pricing, with single-colored figures generally being cheaper due to less preparation and printing time. To offer competitive prices, we actively integrate AI and 3D printing technologies into our production processes. AI optimization streamlines workflow reduces waste, and minimizes manual intervention, speeding up production and lowering costs. AI technology enables precise modeling, ensuring high-quality standards are met while optimizing resource use, particularly beneficial for complex designs. By leveraging AI and cutting-edge 3D printing, we aim to make some 3D pictures more accessible, continuously innovating to provide quality at affordable prices. For accurate pricing, we recommend reaching out to us directly for a detailed estimate tailored to your specific requirements and budget.

3D printed copy of oneself

Show me a 3D picture,” a phrase echoed increasingly across the internet as the demand for authentic 3D printed replicas of individuals surges. This trend is reshaping how we perceive and interact with digital representations of ourselves. Crafting a 3D-printed rendition of oneself has become an entertaining concept, with numerous exciting projects underway, including classic self-replicas, cartoon versions, and bobbleheads. To bring these projects to life, physical presence is necessary for a 3D scan of your body, with various 3D scanners available, including industrial-grade options that yield optimal results.

3D Scan Person

In today’s market, there are several 3D scanners available that can accurately scan individuals in 3D, akin to the technology used in dental practices for creating 3D prints of faces and jaws instead of traditional X-rays. If you’re intrigued by the idea of 3D scanning and envision the excitement of 3D printing yourself, a comprehensive guide to purchasing scanners is available. However, as of 2024, we have chosen not to offer a 3D scanning service due to the high costs and complexity associated with existing solutions. Nonetheless, advancements in 3D scanning technology are progressing rapidly, and even now, you can capture a 3D scan using your mobile phone and share it with us for further processing.

3D print action figure of myself – become your own 3D action figure

A popular option is to create a personalized action figure of yourself through 3D printing, whether it’s dressed in your finest attire, sports gear, or any other outfit of your choice. We meticulously focus on capturing intricate details and offer a comprehensive service, including the customization of your packaging design and printing at the highest resin resolution. Unlike a comprehensive 3D body scan, which can be costly and inconvenient as it necessitates physical presence, obtaining a 3D printed action figure of yourself simply entails submitting a high-quality 2D photo that closely resembles you.

3D print bobblehead with my own head

Instead of an action figure, another option is to create traditional bobblehead toys with your own face using 3D printing technology. During this process, we typically generate a caricatured rendition of your facial expression in 3D. Similar to the procedure for the 3D action figure, all you need to do is provide a standard 2D photo to receive a cost estimate. If you already possess a 3D model of your face, this will expedite the process, allowing you to obtain your quote even more quickly.

Read before you send a 2D picture for 3D printing with your own face

For optimal results when ordering a 3D picture featuring your own face, it’s crucial to provide us with a high-quality and accurate portrait of yourself. The resolution of the image is also a key factor; the higher the resolution of your 2D picture, the more detailed and lifelike we can make the 3D portrait. Additionally, it’s important to ensure that there are no obstructions such as hair covering the face, and you’re welcome to include profile and side-view pictures.

As highlighted in this blog post, advancements in 3D printing technology now enable the creation of incredibly realistic models, including 3D replicas of yourself, your loved ones, or even your pets. The possibilities are virtually endless, and we’re eager to collaborate with you on your unique 3D project. Feel free to reach out to us with your ideas and requirements.

How can one 3D print a figure of oneself?

Creating a homemade 3D print of oneself typically involves utilizing a combination of tools and processes, including a 3D scanner, 3D modeling software, and a 3D printer, along with post-processing techniques. To achieve an accurate figure of oneself, the following steps are generally followed: first, obtaining a 3D scan of the body using a suitable 3D scanner, or alternatively, creating a 3D model from scratch using modeling software. Next, editing the 3D model as necessary to prepare it for printing, may involve resizing, adjusting details, or optimizing for the chosen printing material. Subsequently, prepare the 3D printer and print the model using the appropriate settings. Finally, performing post-processing tasks such as removing the finished figure from the print plate and potentially cleaning or smoothing the surface. It’s important to acknowledge that this process can vary depending on the specific equipment and software utilized, and may require some level of technical expertise. For those seeking 3D figures with movable joints, careful attention to fittings and joints is crucial to ensure proper alignment of the head, arms, and legs with the body.

Can I 3D print my face?

The process of 3D printing a face can vary based on the specific 3D printer and software chosen, often requiring a degree of technical proficiency. Achieving a 3D figure with movable joints necessitates a good understanding of fittings to ensure proper alignment. While it’s feasible to 3D print a face using either a 3D scan or by creating a 3D model through software, the quality of results from online services can vary significantly, with advancements in AI technology expected to improve this process in the future.

Once a 3D model of the face is created, it can be printed using a 3D printer and the desired material, offering a novel and personalized approach to creating gifts or decorations. However, it’s crucial to consider potential legal and ethical implications associated with 3D printing faces, including the need for permissions or approvals depending on local regulations, as well as ethical considerations regarding consent from individuals whose faces are being replicated. Therefore, it’s essential to assess these factors carefully before embarking on a project to 3D print a face.

Can I 3D print a model of myself?

Indeed, creating a 3D model of yourself through 3D scanning and printing is feasible, with specialized companies offering this service. These companies utilize 3D scanners to capture detailed digital models of individuals, which can then be printed in various sizes and materials using 3D printers. This process can serve as a unique and enjoyable way to preserve memories or craft personalized gifts for special occasions.

However, it’s essential to acknowledge that 3D scanning and printing pose technical challenges, often requiring expertise to achieve satisfactory results. Moreover, ethical considerations regarding consent must be taken into account when printing models of other individuals. Therefore, it’s crucial to carefully consider these factors before embarking on a 3D printing project involving models of oneself or others.

Contact us for further information on how to create your own 3D printed replica, explore our exciting projects, and discover the possibilities of this innovative technology.

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