5 Ways Motion Graphic Design Can Transform Your Live-Action Video

Video is an extremely effective medium for communicating your message to your target audience. But you were probably already aware of that. After all, video is now used as a marketing tool by 87% of businesses. When it comes to creating their next marketing video, brands frequently don’t know where to begin. What about live action? Animation? Is data visualisation necessary, and what exactly is a motion graphic? Here are a few examples of how motion graphic design can improve live-action video.

Add Data Visualization To Your Motion Graphics

How do you share important data in a way that your audience will remember if you include it in your video? It’s difficult to convey information in a live-action video. It can be difficult for viewers to focus on numbers that are simply recited in a voiceover. Furthermore, they are less likely to remember data and understand why it is important to them if it is not visualised.

You can easily share important numbers and key insights with viewers in a way that allows them to recognise trends and make connections by incorporating animated data visualisation into your motion graphics. It’s a simple way to improve your video and make sure your message doesn’t get lost.

Make Talking-Head Videos More Dynamic

Consider giving a large presentation. You’re probably not relying solely on your verbal abilities to keep your audience engaged. You’ve probably prepared a slide presentation with key points and visuals to back up what you’re saying. Similarly, animated graphics can supplement what is said in a talking-head video.

Talking-head videos, in which a person speaks directly to the camera, are popular among businesses due to their ease of production and low cost. However, they have a tendency to be, well, a little boring. As a result, viewers may lose interest and miss important messages. Overlaying text, data visualisation, illustrations, or icons to emphasise key points can help viewers stay focused and follow along.

Connect With Viewers Even When They Can’t Hear You

It’s all too easy to rely on voiceover to literally tell your audience a story. Even if viewers are watching your video, you can’t always be sure they’re paying attention. Videos and motion graphics are an effective medium for capturing people’s attention and drawing them to your booth at a conference or trade show. If you do not have the expertise in motion graphics its always a good idea to hire a motion graphics studio to help you out. However, if the video is shown in a crowded and noisy exhibition hall, viewers are unlikely to hear any voiceover or soundtrack. Similarly, many brands rely heavily on Facebook marketing to reach their target audiences; however, 85% of Facebook videos are viewed without sound.

Motion Graphic Design

If you rely on a voiceover to reach audiences in these situations, no matter how dynamic, engaging, and well-executed your video is, you’ll quickly lose their attention. Talk to your motion graphic design agency about adding animated graphics like icons, data visualisation, and simple text and captions the next time you’re planning a video. This will aid in the optimization of your live-action video for these use cases, ensuring that your message is not lost.

Illustrate Complex Ideas

Live-action footage can be an excellent way to promote your product. But what if you also want to convey how your product works? How do you ensure that your viewers understand complex technical processes quickly?

Visuals convey information 60,000 times faster than words. However, when you’re trying to keep your audience’s attention for the duration of your video, you don’t have time to waste. Adding animation to a live-action video is an effective way to communicate complex information quickly and effectively, without sacrificing the powerful effect of your live-action footage.

Capture The Imagination

Anything is possible with animation. Live-action footage can help to ground your message in reality and create a human connection that allows viewers to relate to the scene. However, animation can enhance that scene by taking viewers out of their comfort zone and showing them what the naked eye cannot see. Whether you want to depict someone’s dream, an exciting journey through space, or mystical creatures, animation can go far beyond what live action can do (unless you have a Hollywood-sized budget, that is).

Combine Live Action & Animation for Stunning Motion Design

As you can see, there are numerous ways to incorporate animation into your live-action video. Based on your specific needs, goals, and use cases, a motion graphic design agency can assist you in determining the best solution for your brand.

Killer collaborates with reputable live-action video production companies to create stunning videos for our clients. We have extensive experience creating animated graphics that blend seamlessly with live-action footage, resulting in stunning motion graphics. So, instead of choosing between a live-action video and an animated motion graphic, why not use both?

Thinking on incorporating motions graphics to your project? Contact Us now and be apart of the creative process of creating a motion graphics video.

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