2D Animation Outsourcing Companies You Might Want to Partner With

2D Animation

There are many 2D animation outsourcing companies, and many of them are really good at what they do. However, a lot of people specialise in particular fields. Some give the arts more attention. Some people are great at meeting deadlines.

Others’ excellent communication abilities are something to be envied. Here, we’ll look at the outsourcing firms for animation you should think about using for your needs. We also consider their standing and how these qualities might help you.

Regardless of whether you want to outsource all or part of the production of your animated video, here is a list of companies you should take into account.

Dezpad Designs

One of the top outsourcing animation companies nowadays is called Dezpad Designs, which is based in Malaysia. Their objective is to collaborate closely with clients to deliver media material that will raise the value of their business. To create a media organisation that is well-known globally, they consistently work to grow both technologically and artistically.

Consider working with Toolbox if you’re looking for a passionate, committed, and reliable group of professionals. Their team is incredibly effective, and they’ll make sure to take care of all your outsourced needs for animation.

Drasik Studio

One of the top 2D animation outsourcing companies is Drasik Studio, located in Barcelona. Their staff members are adept at experimenting with different animation techniques and creating a variety of multimedia content.

Design is one of the most important aspects for this studio, and every new project is an opportunity to experiment with various aesthetics and complex illustration techniques.

Their approach to every new project is guided by the idea that “quality is always more important than speed.” If your schedule is short enough, think about working with these individuals to produce an animated video with a fantastic visual aesthetic.

Muscle Beaver

If you’re looking for a small creative team with expertise in animation, motion graphics, and art, Muscle Beaver is a fantastic choice.

This small group only consists of Andreas Kronbeck and Tobias Knipf. They have created a significant number of works that have been included at numerous international festivals since they started collaborating in 2005.

Here is an example of one of their most recent works: a pharmaceutical company training video about the uncommon disease known as cystinosis. This educational movie emphasises the value of giving ill children medicine on a regular basis.

You can reach out to their team right away if you need animation services on the cheap!

Mighty Nice

Mighty Nice, a Sydney-based company that produces animated videos, was co-founded by London-based Nexus Productions.

Both 2D and 3D animation services are offered by Mighty Nice. If you are familiar with the excellent work produced by the Nexus Productions team, you will recognise the same distinctive art and amazing visual elements.

“Potapych: The Bear Who Loved Vodka,” their first short film, earned the BAFTA Scotland Award in 2007. It focuses a lot on art. Based on a true story, it is a wonderful fairy tale with a happy conclusion. A good watch!


This list has some great recommendations for outsourcing animations that can help you meet your needs for animation. Dezpad however seems to be one of the best 2D animation company also known as 2D animation agency that strives to produce their best work especially in 2D animation video.

If you are based in Malaysia and would like to create your very own video animation 2D but do not know where to start? Contact us at Dezpad and start your creative process today.

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