9 Motion Graphics Trends for 2023: From Mixed Media to Stop Motion

The creation of digital content now cannot be done without motion graphics. The adaptability and originality of motion graphics cannot be matched, from subtle site animations to whole advertising videos. And it should come as no surprise that motion graphic trends are continuously changing as this creative discipline is closely related to technological advancement and design innovation.

A continuously developing field, motion design is always bringing new methods, fashions, and tools. Another wave of fascinating innovations is expected to change the motion graphics industry and the way we think about it as 2023 approaches.

We’ve assembled this year’s top motion design trends, techniques, and templates to help you remain on top of the game whether you’re an experienced motion designer or just getting started with motion graphics. Here are the top motion graphics trends for 2023, ranging from stop motion to claymation to multidimensional motion graphics.

#1 Multidimensional Motion Graphics

First, we’re starting the motion graphics with mixed media. More 2D objects have been used in 3D or live-action scenarios so far this year, while real-world things have begun to appear in animated situations. It’s a method that lets designers display everyday objects against strange backgrounds or add fantastical elements to routine tasks.

With images and graphics used in the same video, collage animation is a part of this trend and adds authenticity with a haphazard, natural, and homemade appearance. Similar to stop-motion, classic cel animation, which hand-crafts each frame to produce a series of images, is likewise making a comeback and bringing back a sense of simplicity and nostalgia.

According to Carmen Angelillo, Creative Director and Co-Founder at Niceshit, “In 2023, many motion designers are blending media and integrating 2D animation with live action or 3D environments.” This fashion was popular a few years ago, but today we see a combination of genuine objects and animated aspects.

This Apple ad uses a multi-media strategy and is full of bright, quirky details. The audience’s interest is immediately captured by this multifaceted multimedia experience.

You may add collage creativity to your next video project by using this Urban Ripped Paper Opener. The mixed media After Effects design, which is accessible through Envato Elements, is filled with dynamically animated paper scraps and brush strokes for a grunge-meets-graffiti vibe.

#2 Levitating Objects

The items may be in the air, but not this anti-gravity motion graphics craze. This movement, which frequently includes components that seem to be supported by an invisible force, is about obtaining liberation from limitations. There are no boundaries!

A garbage truck lifts off in this scene from Apple that defies science, and a marching band appears to be hovering in midair. The noise-canceling function of the newest AirPods Pro is represented by this weightless universe, which implies that the device provides an elevated haven from the sounds of the city.

In a business environment, floating features can be used in explainer movies or this website’s presentation tools, which replaces static slides with slick animation. Animated templates give the visitor a rich, dynamic experience by highlighting key design components and highlighting a site’s organisational structure.

Another weightless trend that gives any picture shoot a special touch is floating product photography. The best floating product mockups on Elements are compiled in this list.

#3 Hyper-Realism

With the enormous advancements in computer-generated animation, we have seen an increase in the number of motion graphics that are incredibly lifelike and are based on real-world settings. Modern design seems to be able to make almost anything seem realistic, which is fantastic for product design and advertising videos.

To understand how realistic lighting, dynamic materials, and tactile textures work together to produce visuals that the spectator feels like they could reach out and touch, just take a look at this collection of simulations from Singapore-based Kasra Design.

Focus on the details with these ropes and stripes from Envato Elements that are twisted and turned, spinning and winding around one another in a very realistic manner.

#4 3D Motion Graphics

In 2023, 3D motion graphics took front stage on displays all across the world. The 3D design trend is pervasive and adds depth, drama, and vitality to any project. It is used in everything from marketing and social media to design and typography.

I can see that a lot of the trends in 3D motion graphics are being influenced by new tools and software, says Carmen. “We can now produce amazing results in a lot less time than we could even a few years ago,”

This illustration by social media disruptor DeSo combines gradient overlays, which give it a more contemporary feel, with the geometric shapes and wavy lines that defined Memphis Style in the 1980s. In the meanwhile, the 3D motion graphic by 3D Motion Graphic Designer Cosy is awash in vibrant mayhem. Real-world objects bump, bounce, and burst throughout their environment as they mix and match with 3D animations. Similar to that, these reflecting 3D Glass animations have a texture to them and change continuously from solid to liquid.

One of the many video backgrounds offered by Envato Elements, this 3D recreation of a contemporary flat will give your visitor the impression that they are moving around a real-life space. If you’re looking for stylish surroundings and interior design ideas, it’s perfect.

Whatever stage of your 3D design process you are in, Envato Tuts+ can be helpful. Our assortment of 3D tutorials offers all the tools you need to create text effects, textures, or just lifelike renderings of common things.

#5 Claymation & Stop Motion

Stop motion, a timeless form of animation, has lately undergone a motion graphics makeover. The resurgence of stop motion is a component of a larger retro design trend that incorporates traditional art forms to foster a sense of nostalgia. Stop motion is created by shooting continuous pictures of natural things, or clay models in the case of claymation. Motion graphics are replacing traditional stop motion and claymation techniques because they are speedier, less expensive, and produce results that are almost equivalent.

“Claymation is set to take off in 2023,” asserts Alex Safavinia, Creative Director of Kasra Design. “Claymation is a kind of animation that closely resembles stop-motion work but is produced with 3D tools. The desire to employ this method for commercials (where acceptable) will increase because it might be less expensive and finished sooner than a real stop motion.

Watch the trend in action in advertisements, instructional videos, and even full-length movies like Guillermo del Toro’s Pinocchio, a stop-motion animation masterpiece from the Academy Award-winning director.

Utilise the stop-motion effect in your work by incorporating this scrunched-up paper ball from Envato Elements, a motion graphic that is ideal for video transitions. On the other hand, if you want words to be written out in buttons, coins, gemstones, or fruit, this After Effects template is your one-stop stop motion statement resource.

#6 Advanced Animation

Are you ready to advance your animations? The next trend examines cutting-edge animation methods like generative animation, which uses math to create energy automatically and in real-time. Procedural animation’s scalability and versatility make it simple to produce eye-catching graphics that can easily adapt to various circumstances and contexts, hastening the animation process.

According to Arianna Cristiano, Art Director of IlloTv, “In recent years, there has been a growing interest towards data-driven and procedural animations.” Instead than using keyframes to create motion, these use algorithms and rules. This trend indicates a more deliberate and exploratory approach to leveraging automation and algorithms to enhance the effectiveness, adaptability, and interactivity of digital products and explore their enormous creative possibilities.

The emphasis moves to the concepts with procedural animation; more direct design inputs and abstraction ask for more complex visual languages and metaphors. This makes it ideal for developing interactive animations that are driven by human input or external factors. To reflect changes in the input data, the energy can be quickly changed on the fly. Procedural animation has many benefits, including the ability to speed up prototype and iteration by saving time and effort during the animation process. It is easily adaptable to many contexts and scenarios because to its scalability and versatility.

For instance, Thomas Latvys, a 3D artist, used Blender’s physics simulation features to produce the spinning motion you see below. Procedural animation can also be used by motion designers to make interactive animations that are triggered by user interaction or other factors.

#7 Maximalist Outlines

Maximalist outlines are a straightforward design feature that may be used to create complex scenes and intricate compositions that radiate vivacious energy.

Adrianna claims that there has been a revival of maximalist outlines in recent years. “Maximalist outlines give the illustrations a rich, layered look that gives them depth. Through their complexity, these striking designs are able to push the boundaries of surrealism and produce a dynamic, arresting effect that demands attention. Rich, dynamic, and aesthetically beautiful effects can be produced with a basic yet effective design feature.

Customers were given a bizarre welcome as they visited a San Francisco skincare store by this 360-degree in-store animation; the layout was exploding with colour and huge things. Meanwhile, in this Coca-Cola commercial, a Cubist painting by French artist Aket is animated for a daring, frame-pushing scenario in which artworks interact in a gallery.

Although this surrealistic motion graphics style is reaching new heights, its stylistic roots can be found in supersized cartoon characters, such as the dysfunctional cast of the animated sitcom Family Guy.

Using Nicartoon’s creations, which are offered on Envato Elements, you may investigate this trend. These engaging scenes immediately grab the viewer’s attention, whether it be a sheep trying to fall asleep or a person trapped in a sweltering desert.

#8 Animated Brand Identities 

Brands are using animation and motion graphics more and more to strengthen their identities, magnify their voices, and spice up their marketing campaigns visually.

Adrianna notes a growing trend in which companies are adding animation and motion graphics into their branding strategy. In a world when attention spans are dwindling and competition is severe, this trend is being pushed by the need to provide more dynamic and engaging content for various devices and screen sizes that can resonate with the audience. Animation and motion graphics may provide an extra layer of visual interest and engagement to a brand’s marketing activities, bringing motion toolkits to its communication materials, whether it’s a logo animation, a product demonstration, or a social media campaign.

Animated brand identities and logos can stand out in crowded, cutthroat markets and aid businesses in cultivating client relationships. Consider the adorable Pixar production logo, which has a jumping desk lamp and succinctly describes the company’s mission, or the swift, shape-shifting FedEx logo, which changes from a package to a plane to represent the company’s quick worldwide delivery service. Then there is the instantly recognisable bright red “N” from Netflix, which stands for passion and energy before enlarging to display a vertical range of colours that may or may not reflect plots.

Beyond logos, the popularity of animated branding means that brand communication elements increasingly feature motion. Instead of using linear storyboards, we’ve seen a minimally animated, conceptual approach in the form of brief loops, like these robot arms holding pens to depict Handwritten’s digital-to-analog letter-writing service.

Check out this design-focused animation from Envato Elements if you need a logo that expresses your creativity whether you’re a filmmaker, motion designer, videographer, or graphic designer. Likewise, keep an eye out for new branding fads to make sure your graphics are consistently appealing, entertaining, and original.

#9 AI in Motion Design

One of the many areas where AI has a significant impact is motion graphics, as it speeds up production times and helps designers find creative new working practises. A written query was entered into the AI modelling programme Disco Diffusion to produce, for instance, this fantastic human-machine video animation.

According to Karina Sacco, designer, co-founder, and CEO of Yum Yum Videos, “AI will continue to develop and grow exponentially, with a particular increase in their application in the audiovisual and motion graphics world.” “With AI, tasks that would often require months of laborious effort may be completed in a matter of weeks or even days. Although AI has been discussed since 2022, I believe that in 2023 it will become a more established trend among professionals. It’s crucial to remember that this does not imply that artificial intelligence will replace real people as many fear, but rather that there will be new ways of working and faster production times in a variety of fields.

AI editing technologies can also streamline complicated procedures and reduce post-production time. One such application is the video editor Runway, which enables users to edit out certain individuals and things from videos. It enables it simple to mask moving items so that backdrops can be replaced, removed, or set on a transparent layer. Additional features include the ability to colour grade your videos with a brief description, track an object’s motion automatically with a single click, and eliminate background noise using the clean audio tool.

One of the AI-generated apps that let users create videos by entering words and phrases is the text-to-color grade tool. With DeepBrain, for instance, you can choose a highly realistic avatar and have a script generated automatically. Alternately, you may use Deforum to create an animation frame by frame. Keep up with new releases as this technology develops quickly to make sure you take full advantage of AI’s benefits.

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