6 Ways Motion Graphics Can Increase Digital Marketing Performance

It is no secret that video by motion graphics studio reigns supreme in the realm of digital marketing. According to Animoto’s Consumer and Marketer Insights 2020, 91 percent of video marketers claim a boost in ROI, with 93 percent reporting that video has directly led to a large increase in consumers.

Yes, video is a powerful marketing tool. However, video is ubiquitous, and in marketing, you must be heard above the din.

Conversion Rate Optimisation

Did you know that placing a movie with motion graphic components on a landing page improves conversion by 86% when compared to just text pages? Furthermore, motion graphic content films increase click-through rates by 65% while decreasing unsubscribes by 26%!

If you post a video, you can just sit back and watch the likes pour in as others promote the content for you all over the internet. Effortless and painless right?

  • Including a video on your landing page can boost conversion rates by up to 80%.
  • In one minute or less, it draws people in and makes you and your organization real to a client. An engaging video may not only bring a product to life, but it can also have a significant impact on your bottom line!
  • A fantastic example is how Sales Mate employs an animated film to describe their service via a “How It Works” button.
  • It promotes traffic and encourages their audience to join for a “free sign up” because it is interesting and exciting!

Customer Retention

Videos are an excellent way to convey information quickly and effectively. You can teach your audience everything they need to know about a product or service in just a minute or two. And our brains are hardwired to process visual information. A product video may be worth a thousand sales if a picture is worth a thousand words. You cannot afford to ignore this marketing force.

Motion graphics are a multi-sensory experience that allows consumers to comprehend and remember your brand.

  • According to research, video currently appears in 70% of the top 100 search results listings, and viewers are 64-85% more likely to buy after watching a product video!
  • Take a cue from WordPress program Elementor, which offers a library of over 1000 videos to ensure its customers can utilize their program efficiently.
  • The bulk of films are simple screen recordings that are always modified with motion graphics to offer a personal touch and assist educate users

Brand Awareness

Brand recognition is an important factor in the sales process. Customers should not only know your name, but they should also know that your brand image is consistent with their beliefs!

Why? Because once people connect with your brand, loyalty and trust will build spontaneously. This translates to increased sales!

Today, the best way to do so is with an entertaining movie that complements your plain-text content marketing approach – and you can do it by leveraging motion graphics!

  • A brand’s website is no longer sufficient on its own. You must go where your audience is!
  • Social media platforms cater to various populations and are used to display material for a variety of purpose.
  • As a result, you SHOULD optimize your video content for the audience of each platform. Are you on Instagram? Send in a creative animation story. What is Tik Tok? Simple but powerful visual effects will always capture the attention of your audience.

Drive More Traffic

Video streaming and downloads are expected to account for 82 percent of global internet traffic by 2022. That’s an 88 percent rise from the previous year’s traffic share of 72.3 percent!

If the preceding video marketing statistics haven’t persuaded you of its benefits, consider that the amount of time individuals spend watching videos online is increasing. Users spend a weekly average of 6 hours and 48 minutes watching internet videos in 2019, and all indications are that this will continue to rise!

  • Using our passion for video, create captivating content with the power of motion graphics, and watch your traffic skyrocket!
  • This movie, which is colorful, energetic, and just under the appropriate length, demonstrates how shareable motion graphic material can drive visitors to a company.
  • What are the key takeaways? Motion graphics give just the right amount of razzle-dazzle to keep your audience engaged and wanting more!

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

When your clients search for material, they would rather watch a video that explains a topic or shows a product in action. A fun motion graphic video that is also simply accessible will go further with the help of social sharing.

When users spend more time on your page, Google elevates it in the search results. A motion graphic can help you beat the competition and reach customers by attracting and retaining visitors to your website.

In a nutshell? Videos are simple to distribute across all social channels, allowing them to spread more quickly.

  • It’s a proven truth that motion graphics boost your SEO ranking and performance.
  • Incorporating 62% of Google worldwide searches include video, video incorporating motion graphics scores higher in internet searches.
  • This means that your video will be seen by more people than any article.
  • You may use motion graphics’ amazing features to make amusing or informative videos that appeal to a broad audience and urge them to share them, causing them to go viral in an instant!

Improve UX

Have you ever been irritated and angered by long, pretentious, and boring YouTube adverts that never stop playing? You know, the ones that make you feel like you’ve wasted 30 years just watching them? (This is something to which we can all relate. Unfortunately.)

This is why UX, or user experience, is rapidly becoming an important aspect in the success of your video marketing initiatives.

  • People are impatient, so get to the point quickly! You must capture their attention, promise them valuable information, and then deliver quickly.
  • Give them what they desire… Things that are vibrant, eye-catching, and enticing
  • There are some products or services that do not lend themselves to comedy, but if you can successfully inject that which is amusing, funny, or otherwise “fun” with motion graphics, you will engage more people for a longer period of time.


As you can see, motion graphic video is one of the most powerful trends of our day, capturing every industry without exception. Refusing to use it is equivalent to purposefully erecting a barrier between your brand and its customers (which we do not want!). Right now, it makes sense to consider how you will include motion graphics in your marketing approach, and we are always available to assist.

Are you ready to improve your brand and reach new heights in business with 3D Motion Graphic Services?

Join us and as your motion graphics company in Malaysia, let’s work together to create your best content yet.

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